Hello FARGOers,

As you know, Conjelco (Chuck Weinstock) has been a
great supporter of ARG events over the years. Chuck
also offers great poker and gaming related merchandise
on his website. We have an opportunity to order
merchandise from Conjelco at a discount, thanks to
Chuck's generosity. We will foot the bill for
shipping and handling (i.e. drop shipment, you will
picking up your merchandise at FARGO), but the
discount that we receive will add to our dealer toke
fund - it will not be passed on to you.

Why should you order stuff through FARGO instead of
directly from Conjelco? That's easy - you will still
save money from us - no shipping and handling is
always a good thing! AND, you can contribute to the
dealer toke fund for the great support that we receive
from the Foxwoods staff.

This is a win-win situation for everyone (or +EV for
you math weenies) - you get lots of new poker stuff
and the toke fund get a bit bigger.

Please remember that you will be picking up your
merchandise at FARGO. If you are not attending FARGO,
please make arrangements for someone else to pick up
your merchandise. We will not be able to ship items
to you.

Here's what you need to do:

Visit the Conjelco online catalog at
http://conjelco.com/cat.html. Choose the items you'd
like to order. Send me an email, or just reply to
this one (but don't reply to the list), with the
following information:

Your name
Your email address - to be used to confirm your total
and if I have questions on your order
The name of the item(s)
The Conjelco item number(s)
The Conjelco price(s)
The total of your order

Payments will be made to the Queen, via check (ask for
mailing address in your email), PokerStars money
transfer (Queen Joab) or Paypal
( [email protected] ). Do not send me the money -
if you do, it will be added to the Becker Family Poker

I will confirm your order total via email. If you
have any questions, please ask me.

Orders will be taken starting today and ending on
September 10. All payments MUST be received by
September 12. To make our lives easier, please make
your payment in a timely manner. Don't make us hunt
you down.

Remember to order poker goodies for yourself and for
all your holiday gift giving needs. Christmas,
Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day - they are all right
around the corner!

Flop a boat!
Tracy Becker
[email protected]

PokerStars is the official sponsor of FARGO and will be providing both a lunch and breakfast at FARGO 2004.

Please visit http://www.pokerstars.com and patronize our sponsor.

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