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Best All-Around Player Award  (BAAP) for 2002:

There will be a Best All Around Player (BAAP), with the winner being determined by Steve "Crunch" Daniel's calculations and point system.  As mentioned above, a “trophy jacket” will be awarded. The formula for 2002 is:

The winner of the FARGO 2002 BAAP Award will be the person with highest point total from the Saturday (NLHE) and Sunday (MET) tournaments.   

NEITHER Friday tournament (recruiter/recruited and pairs) will count towards the BAAP. 

To earn points you must finish in the money.  If you finish in the money in a tournament then your points will be: 

Points = ln(# of entries in that tournament) – ln(your finish) + X 

Where X = [ln(# of entries in larger of the two tournaments) – ln(# of entries in the small of the two tournaments] + 1 

Your totals points are the sum of your points in both the Saturday and the Sunday tournament. 

This is essentially the same method that has been used since 1998 to determine the FARGO BAAP winner.  I have decided this year not to generate point tables because 

1.                  No body is around at the end of the 2nd tournament anyway so I will publish the results when I get home after FARGO.  I will have my laptop with me and, if Foxwoods allows it, will have the results immediately at the end of the Sunday Tournament. 

2.                  This is a more accurate way of computing these results as the weighting for the size of the fields can be done using the exact field sizes rather than estimates which can be significantly off due to last minutes cancellations or additions. 

3.                  I have added the X factor which assures that if the winner of the larger of the two tournaments declines to play the smaller of the two tournaments, that person can not be the BAAP winner if the winner of the smaller tournament had also entered and played in the larger tournament even if busting out first.  In other words, you almost certainly have to enter both tournaments in order to win the BAAP.



FIHUPT stands for Fossilman Invitational Heads-Up Poker Tournament. It was started by Greg Raymer, aka Fossilman in 2000. As the name states it is a tournament involving headsup play.  Anyone interested in attending responses to the email that Greg sends out to the mailing list (if not already on the FARGO mailing list to join: ).  Due to space constraints it is limited to the number of people that can enter, so far no one that has wanted to play has been shut out.  It is held nearby off property and car pooling is available. 

Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness used to be played at Midnight, lately it has started earlier.  On Friday night at the conclusion of the smoker, generally around 10:30 PM and on Saturday night often around 10 PM. The exact time is based on table and dealer availability.  It is a NLHE  freeze out  played with real chips (as opposed to tournament chips.) Each player must bring $200 in chips to the table in denominations of $1 and $5. Toking is suggested to be done with half dollars or gold dollars as the $200 buy in must remain on the table. It is a freeze-out format and your chips MUST remain in play until there is a winner or an agreement is reached.  Midnight Madness will be first come first served.  If interested check the indication of interest list on the registration form. (Again this is not a guarantee, it is first come first served, it does give us an indication of who and how many are interested in playing) 

The Smoker

The Smoker is “pay your own way”, ordering off the Cedars Steakhouse menu, add 25% to your total to cover tax and tip.  For those on a limited budget, try the sherried lobster bisque and a salad.  Non smokers will be accommodated at a designated non smoking table. Limited seating, sign up early.  

Tournaments (in the order played)

Tournament Entries &Structures

Though you sign up for the tournaments online on the registration form, all entry fees will be handled on-site by the poker room's excellent staff. You must have a Foxwoods WAMPUM CARD before you can enter any tournament. You can pick one up at any of the Wampum Club booths scattered about Foxwoods, including around the corner from the tournament registration desk. You must be at least 21 years of age and some form of legal identification is required to register for a card.  Previously issued Wampum Cards are still valid.

Entries will be handled at the tournament sign up desk in the poker room beginning 50 minutes prior to each tournament start time. On Saturday and Sunday local events start one hour prior to our events.  Please do not try to sign up any earlier than 50 minutes prior to our scheduled start time. 

You must sign in and pay before the tournament begins.  Once the tournament has started registration for the event is closed.  Closed means closed, btw.

Structures for all of the tourney’s can be found at  


This year FARGO will kick off with headsup exhibition matches. Playoffs prior to the exhibition matches will take place online.  If you have attended FARGO in previous years to qualify for the play off you must recruit at least one new person to FARGO 2002 (space is provided on the registration form for the newbie to supply the name of whom they think recruited them).  All new attendees “newbies” to FARGO 2002 automatically qualify for the online playoff. To participate in the online playoff you must register and pay the fees prior to September 15th (and in the case of recruiters, the person(s) you recruit must have registered and paid their registration fees).  Should you choose to participate in this event your registration fees become nonrefundable after September 15th (see cancellation policy) 

There will be two separate playoffs, one for the recruiters and one for the recruited.  The recruited will be straight forward headsup matches with the winners advancing until there is a champion.  The recruiters will also play headsup matches until there is a champion, but byes (maximum of two) will be given based on the number of new players you recruit.  If you recruit 2-4 you will have an option to take a bye (sit out a match) If you recruit 5 or more new players you will receive two byes.  The champion of each of these play offs will then advance to the live exhibition match played at FARGO on Friday, October 4th at 11 AM.  Should the champ be unavailable at the start of the exhibition match, the runner up will play, should the runner up be unavailable, the 3rd place finisher will play, etc.  

As it presently stands Russell Rosenblum (FARGO2002 NLHE Champ, FARGO2001 & 2002 Pairs champ, Final table at the 2002 WSOP final event) will play off against the recruiter.  The person playing against the recruited, is “yet to be announced” and promises to be an interesting choice. Should Russell or “the yet to be announced” be unable to attend, a substitute will be brought in, or one three handed table will be formed (instead of two headsup matches).  In the event of both being unable to attend/participate~ the recruiter will play the recruited.    ~(I reserve the right for Russell to cancel last minute, as he with his pairs partner, Crunch Daniel, are defending their two year running title immediately following this exhibition match)  

Prizes will be awarded.  Railbirds HIGHLY encouraged. This tournament will NOT count in the BAAP (best all around player) standings. This event may be modified or cancelled for any reason. This will probably be the only year this (recruiters/recruited) tourney takes place.  Next year I anticipate doing a “champions” kick off tourney where winners of events in past years will square off against each other. 


What is the pairs tourney, how does it work, what if I don't have a partner?

It is typically played on Friday with two games in rotation, and a shared stack. This year hold'em and omaha8 are the games being played.  For example the hold'em player will play, then a switch will be made twenty minutes later, and the omaha8 partner will take the seat.  Swapping continues until the conclusion of the tournament.  You share the same stack of chips and the same table spot, please though, no lap sharing J Blind levels rise every 40 minutes, thus each partner gets 20 minutes at each level.

You can pre-select a partner, or asked to be paired.  If all else fails show up at registration the morning of, and last minute pairings will be made (make sure you have already registered via the computer for the event, we need to know how many are playing).  Some prefer to pick their own partner, others prefer to be paired. 

This was designed as an ice breaker tournament. You are encouraged to sign up and play in this event, even if you don’t know a soul…. you will know many souls by the end of the event.  Arrangements have also been made this year to sweat your partner if you so desire. 


No limit Hold’em played with bounties.  You will receive $5 for each player you knock out. (When all in, a player must put their $5 slot coin in the pot) Bounties will cease when the final table is assembled.  

Multiple Events Tourney (MET): 

This tournament will be a mix of games (stud, hold’em and Omaha), disciplines (limit, pot limit and no limit), and skills (full table, short handed, headsup).  It will start with Stud and Hold’em played in rotation in a shoot out style, i.e. each table will play down to a winner.  The winner and the runner up (from each table) will advance to the second portion with uneven stacks.  The winner receiving 3000 in chips the runner up receives 2000, with starting blinds of 25/50.  The tables will be balanced with an equal number of winners and runner-ups. Three levels (25/50, 50/100, 100/200) of  Pot Limit Omaha (high only) will be played, and then the game will switch to NLHE with starting blind of 100/200 and $25 antes. Play continues until there is a winner.