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Apache Module mod_speling

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Description:Attempts to correct mistaken URLs by ignoring capitalization, or attempting to correct various minor misspellings.
Module Identifier:speling_module
Source File:mod_speling.c


Requests to documents sometimes cannot be served by the core apache server because the request was misspelled or miscapitalized. This module addresses this problem by trying to find a matching document, even after all other modules gave up. It does its work by comparing each document name in the requested directory against the requested document name without regard to case, and allowing up to one misspelling (character insertion / omission / transposition or wrong character). A list is built with all document names which were matched using this strategy.

If, after scanning the directory,

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CheckCaseOnly Directive

Description:Limits the action of the speling module to case corrections
Syntax:CheckCaseOnly on|off
Default:CheckCaseOnly Off
Context:server config, virtual host, directory, .htaccess

When set, this directive limits the action of the spelling correction to lower/upper case changes. Other potential corrections are not performed.

CheckSpelling Directive

Description:Enables the spelling module
Syntax:CheckSpelling on|off
Default:CheckSpelling Off
Context:server config, virtual host, directory, .htaccess

This directive enables or disables the spelling module. When enabled, keep in mind that

mod_speling should not be enabled in DAV enabled directories, because it will try to "spell fix" newly created resource names against existing filenames, e.g., when trying to upload a new document doc43.html it might redirect to an existing document doc34.html, which is not what was intended.

Available Languages:  en  |  fr  |  ja  |  ko 


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