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FARGO 2008

Thursday September 18th, 2008 to Sunday September 21, 2008


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Greetings from the Royal Palace of FARGO!

Before we tell you when FARGO will be happening, we want you to know that we have been working very hard on making FARGO work for everyone. Will we be successful? We doubt it. Some people will want to complain and whine and be miserable. Others will be thrilled and so happy to join together with long time friends and friends they still have to meet. We hope all of you fall into the latter category. Thrilled and happy participants = thrilled and happy organizers.

It has taken longer to get dates confirmed since Mike Ward's departure from Foxwoods. This transition, High Holy Days, a wine event at Foxwoods, Columbus Day, and the Foxwoods Poker Finals all conspired to wreak havoc on our schedule. With the transition team now in place, we have spent the past few days frantically emailing, cajoling and deal making.

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, we are pleased to announce that FARGO will take place from Thursday, September 18, 2008 through Sunday, September 21, 2008. The tentative schedule will look like this:

- Thursday, 9/18/08 - Hopefully a sponsored dinner and perhaps FossilMan Invitational Event
- Friday, 9/19/08 - Pairs Event
- Saturday, 9/20/08 - NLHE Event
- Sunday, 9/21/08 - Multi-game Event

For those that are reading challenged, please remember that this is a *tentative* schedule and will be subject to change.

There will be a limited number of hotels room available at a reduced rate. All of the rates are $10 per night higher than last year, so room sharing is encouraged. With hotel renovations scheduled during our time at Foxwoods, we are very lucky to be able to obtain any reduced rate rooms. Also, because of the scheduled renovations, we are very strongly advising you to book your room as early as possible. Once our allocation is used, we will not be able to get any additional rooms. If you think you want to come, book a room. You can always cancel it later, but we will not be able to add any at the last minute.

The hotel rates will be Great Cedars $129 Thursday and Sunday and $139 Friday and Saturday and Two Trees $109 Thurs/Sun and $119 Fri/Sat.

Royals for the ages,
Tracy and Joan



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