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FARGO Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fargo?
Is There A Mailing List?
When and where is it held?
Who is eligible? How do I sign up?
I have signed up for FARGO by computer, sent in my registration fee, but how do I sign in and pay for the tournaments?
What is a wampum card, why do I need one, how do I get one?
Ok, I signed up for FARGO, now, how do I get there?
Hotels, why is one less expensive. Where should I stay, what's the difference?
Where should I eat?
What is the smoking policy?
At what time does the casino stop serving alcohol?
Is there entertainment at Foxwoods?
Speaking of the Mohegan Sun, how far away is it, and how do I get there?
What are the typical games & limits offered at FW: poker, BJ, craps, etc?
What's the weather like in October?
Are there any golf courses in the area?
Bed & Breakfast Inns

What is FARGO?

Foxwoods Annual Recreational Gambling Outing (FARGO), founded in 1997 by Bill Alan Hafey, is a regional poker based event, loosely patterned after BARGE and ATLARGE. "Regional" meaning FARGO takes place in the Northeast region. We welcome people from anywhere on the planet.

Is there a mail list?

To sign up for the mail list go to

When and where is it held?
An Autumn weekend (typically September or October) at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

Who is eligible? How do I sign up?
Anyone 21 years of age or older that has an email address is eligible to attend.

To register, sign up is via computer only.

I have registered for FARGO by computer, sent in my registration fee, but how do I sign in and pay for the tournaments?

Payment and seat assignments for each tournament are handled by Foxwoods, at the tournament registration desk, which opens one hour prior to the start of each tournament. Bring cash and your wampum card. For the pairs tourney you need to sign in with your partner. Registration closes when the tournament starts, so don’t be late.

What is a wampum card, why do I need one, how do I get one?

A Wampum Card is Foxwoods' method for tracking casino/poker play. Foxwoods' requires a Wampum Card to register for *all* poker tournaments, including FARGO tournaments.

Registration is easy and free. There are numerous booths in the complex from which to obtain the card, including, just to the left of the Poker Tournament Registration Desk. You must be at least 21 years of age and provide some form of legal identification to register for a card. Previously issued cards are still valid.

It looks similar to a credit card with your name, an ID number and a magnetic strip. It also works as a comp card so use it whenever you play poker or any other Foxwoods (FW) table or slot game. Points are accumulated which can be use/spent at any business (food, hotel, merchandise) within the FW complex. Each and every time you play, give it to the floor person (poker) or pit boss. Note for poker, you MUST sign out at the podium, otherwise your comp points for that session will not be credited.

OK, I signed up for Fargo, now, how do I get there?

Bus, Car, Rail or Ferry:



(PVD) T.F. Green Airport, Providence, RI. Is the closest and most convenient airport approximately 50 miles from Foxwoods. A car can be rented or you can take a shuttle to Foxwoods.

Conway (800-888-4661) Shuttle to Foxwoods at 11 AM, 6 & 10 PM. Same number to arrange limo transportation. Return trips (Foxwoods to PVD) are: 8:15 AM, 3PM and 7:15 PM

If you cannot make Conway's bus schedule, an alternative is to take the RIPTA bus (trolley) to Kennedy Plaza. Walk to the greyhound bus terminal on Fountain Street, then get on the greyhound bus and go to FW. Greyhound runs 15 times per day, use “Providence, RI and Foxwoods, CT". In the past Greyhound customers got $10.00 match play, $10.00 food credit, and a $5.00 pull tab upon arrival at Foxwoods.

If flying into another airport and renting a car, here's how long it will take to drive to FW:

(BDL) Hartford, CT Approx. 1 hour
(ORH) Worcester, MA. Approx 1 hour
(HVN) New Haven, CT Approx 1 hour
(BOS) Logan Airport Boston, MA.. Approx 2 hours

To take greyhound from logan, take the "T" (bus then subway) to south station. The Greyhound bus from South Station In the past Greyhound customers get $10.00 match play, $10.00 food credit, and a $5.00 pull tab upon arrival at Foxwoods.

(HPN) (LGA) (JFK) NYC area airports not great choices, approx. 2 ½ to 3 1/2 hours away from FW.

Hotels, why is one less expensive? Where should I stay, what's the difference?

Both the Cedars and Two Trees are nice, comfortable, clean hotels. Cedars is located in the complex, near the poker room. Two Trees is across the parking lot, approximately 1/4 mile from the main complex, a short walk or, a shuttle service is provided 24 hrs/day approximately every 15 minutes. Bring an umbrella in case of rain.

Two Trees has Branches, an easily accessible restaurant, a pool and lame exercise equipment. Two Trees does NOT provide room service. The rooms are bright and sunny.

At Cedars, breakfast is either room service, the Festival Buffet (located near the poker room), Veranda Cafe (in the Pequot section of the complex), a muffin/coffee from the snack stand or a breakfast sandwich in the snack bar located just off the poker room. Room service is also available. A pool, and exercise room is available.

There is a spa located in the Grand Pequot Tower, which can be utilized even if you are staying at one of the other hotels. Foxwoods does not offer special room rates at the Pequot during FARGO.

Where should I eat?

A vast array of choices...but, weekends can be very crowded, reservations hard to come by, and non-reservation places usually contain long lines.

"The Bistro" downstairs from the poker room in the non-smoking casino is an excellent choice, because is it somewhat "unknown" due to its location, the wait is usually tolerable, the food is good and the prices moderate.

There is a snack bar adjacent to the poker room/race book (if the line is long take a seat at the bar, same food)

Near the poker room is the Festival Buffet, "The Deli" and the food court (such as it is, it is NOT like the food court at Mohegan Sun! Speaking of which, if you plan to visit Mohegan Sun you might want to do so when you are hungry, food is so much easier to obtain there)

Cedars Steak House, Han Garden offer higher priced choices. Additional high end choices can be found in the PequotTower, including: Fox Harbour (seafood), Al Dente (Italian) and Paragon (the ultimate high end, located on the 24th floor).

The Veranda Café (reasonably priced) is also located in the Pequot Tower.

Two Trees has the restaurant "Branches" where seating is usually timely and worth the short walk across the parking lot.

See for all the details and a map where everything is.

What is the smoking policy?

The casino offers both smoking and non-smoking game/slot areas, and the poker
room is completely non-smoking.

At What Time Does the Casino Stop Serving Alcohol?

Drinks have to be off the tables by 2 AM. In general, this means "last call" is at 1 AM, and they'll come around shortly before 2 AM and remove the drinks from the table.

Other aspects of the alcohol policy include the following:

(1) You can only have one alcoholic drink in front of you at anyone time. This isn't generally a problem (if you tip well, the waitresses comes around frequently enough). But what is annoying is that if you order a shot and a chaser, your chaser is considered to be "contaminated”, and counts as a drink. So, you order a JD up, coke back. You slam the JD, and are sipping the coke. Waitress makes another pass through the area, you order just a JD, since you have a coke. Waitress returns with JD, but won't give it to you unless
she can take the coke away first, since it's considered alcoholic. Yes, they serve chasers in a different colored glass from regular cokes, so they can track this. So, every time around, you have to order a new chaser. It's just stupid.

(2) As a side note to (1), since you can only have a drink at a time, you can't order a shot and a beer, and you can't order two or more drinks at last call. This means you need to become friends with people around you (preferably non-drinkers, of course), so that when 1 AM arrives, you can get people to order you some backups.

(3) They don't start serving again until 10 AM Saturday morning, and it's noon on Sunday.

(4) Package stores close at 8 PM on Saturday, and don't reopen until Monday morning.

Is there entertainment at Foxwoods?

The Mohegan Sun also has entertainment:

Speaking of the Mohegan Sun, how far away is it, and how do I get there?

The Mohegan Sun is approximately a 15 minute drive from Foxwoods.

Turn left out of Foxwoods on to Route 2, (Northwest) stay on this for a couple of miles. Turn left on 2A (West). Stay on Route 2A follow the signs to Mohegan Sun, (you will make a right at the church, a left when you come to a stop sign and can no longer go straight, a right at the light) you will see the signs for Mohegan Sun Blvd.

To return, reverse directions or follow the bread crumbs - you did leave a trail of bread crumbs, right? J

What are the typical games & limits offered at FW: poker, BJ, craps

and for the Mohegan Sun:

What's the weather like in October?

Typical New England fall weather. Bring a jacket or sweater. The temperature in the poker room varies as well. Remember that layers can be your best friend. or, are the best sources.

Are there any golf courses in the area?

Foxwoods has a golf course:

Other Places to play in the area:

Birch Plain Golf Course and Driving Range (18 Hole Par 3)
119 High Rock Road
Groton, CT

Cedar Ridge Golf Course
18 Hole Par 54
Drabik Road (Exit 74 off I-95 1 Mile North on RT. 161)
East Lyme , CT 06333 (860)691-4568

Chanticlair Golf Course
228 Old Hebron Road
Colchester, CT (860)537-3223

Elmridge Golf Course
27 Holes of Championship Golf
229 Elmridge Road (7 miles east of Foxwoods on RT. 2)
Pawcatuck, CT 06379 (860)599-2248

Mile View Par 3
RT. 164 (3 miles form Foxwoods)
Preston, CT (860)-892-4992

Norwich Golf Course
685 New London Turnpike
Norwich, CT 06360 (860)889-6973

Richmond Country Club
74 Sandy Pond Road
Richmond, RI 02832 (401)364-9292

River Ridge Golf Course
Route 184
( Preston Road, 9 miles from Foxwoods)
Griswold, CT (860)376-3268

Shennecossett Golf Club
93 Plant Street
Groton, CT (860)445-0262

Weekapaug Golf Course
265 Shore Road
Westerly, RI (401)596-1237

Tourist Information

Mystic Chamber of Commerce
28 Cottrell St, Mystic 06355

Mystic and Shoreline Visitor Information Center
Building 1D, Olde Mistick Village, Mystic 06355

Mystic Transportation & Vistors Center
Exit 90, I-95, Mystic 06355

New London
Southeastern Connecticut Tourism District
470 Bank St, New London 06320
860-444-2206 800-863-6569

N.L. Trolley Building,
Eugene O'Neill Dr/Golden St
New London 06320

Norwich Tourism Office
69 Main St, Norwich 06360
860-886-4683 888 4-NORWICH

North Stonington
I-95 South Information Center

Eastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce
1 Thames Plaza, Norwich 06360

Old Saybrook
Old Saybrook Chamber of Commerce
146 Main St, OId Saybrook 06475

I-95 North Information Center

Westerly-Pawatuck Chamber of Commerce
74 Post Rd, Westerly, RI 02891

Area Atttractions

Mystic Aquarium
Exit 90, I-95
Mystic, CT
860-572-5955 Watch Hill Carousel
End of Bay Street
Watch Hill, RI

Gillette Castle State Park River Road
East Haddam

Mystic Seaport
Route 27
Mystic, CT

Children's Museum of
Southeastern Connecticut
409 Main Street
Niantic CT

Enchanted Forest
Route 3
Hope Valley, RI

Mashantucket Peqout
Museum and Research Center
110 Peqout Trail, off Route 214
Mashantucket, CT

U.S. Coast Guard Academy
15 Mohegan Ave
New London, CT

Submarine Memorial
War of Honor
I-95 North, Exit 85;
I-95 South, Exit 86
Bridge and Thames Street
Groton, CT

Essex Stream Train &
Riverboat Ride
Railroad Ave, Essex

Science Center of
Eastern Connecticut
33 Gallows Lane
New London, CT

Project Oceanology
Avery Point Campus
University of Connecticut
1084 Shennecossett Road
Groton, CT
860-445-9007 800-364-8472

Essex Stream Train &
Riverboat Ride
Railroad Ave, Essex

Norwich Veterans
Memorial Rose Garden
Mohegan Park
Rockwell Street Entrance
Norwich, CT

Norwich Municipal Ice Park
641 New London turnpike
Norwich, CT

Historic Ship Nautilus/
Submarine Force Museum
Crystal Lake Rd, off Route 12
Groton, CT
800-343-0079 860-694-3174

Carousel Museum of
New England
Route 27
Mystic, CT

Norwich Navigators
Norwich Industrial Park
Norwich, CT

Connecticut River Museum
at Steamboat Dock
67 Main St, Essex CT

Millstone Information
and Science Center
278 Main Street
Niantic, CT
860-691-4670 800-428-4232

Denison Pequotsepos
Nature Center
109 Pequotsepos Road
Mystic, CT

Old Lighthouse Museum
Southern end of Water Street
Stonington, CT
Coastal and community history.
Climb the lighthouse tower for a
three-state view.

1833 Robert Mills U.S. Custom House
& Museum of Amer. Maritime History
150 bank St, New London
Oldest operating federal custom house in
the United States.

Capt. Nathaniel B. Palmer House
40 Palmer St, Stonington, CT
Home of the man credited
with discovering Antarctia

Nathan Hale Schoolhouse
Main St, Haddam, CT
Schoolhouse where the Revolutionary
War Hero taught.

Indian burial Ground
Sachem St, Norwich
Grave site of Mohegan Indian Chief Uncas,
who gave land for settlement of Norwich

Hotel/Motel, Bed & Breakfast, Inns Campgrounds/RV

(note each category is listed separately)

Good Place for info is

* Denotes there are on Foxwoods referral list

(note some phone numbers are the same as they are handled by a central reservation system)


AmeriSuites 800-833-1516 Mystic

Niantic Inn 860-739-5451 Niantic

Best Western Hilltop Inn 860-739-3951 Niantic

Oakdell Motel 800-676-REST Waterford
Best Western Olympic Inn 860-445-8000 Groton Pine Lodge Motel 800-838-0333 Westerly, RI
Breezeway Resort Motel 800-462-8872 Misquamicut Beach Plainfield Yankee Motor Inn 860-564-4021 Plainfield
Circle Park Inn & Suites 860-535-7829 N. Stonington Pleasant View Inn Oceanfront Resort 800-782-3224 Misquamicut Beach
* Comfort Inn 800-228-5150 Mystic Rocky Neck Inn 860-739-6268 Niantic
* Comfort Suites 800-847-SUITE Norwich Radisson Hotel 800-333-3333 New London
Connecticut Yankees Inn 860-739-5483 Niantic * Ramada Inn 800-272-6232 Norwich
Courtyard by Marriott 800-572-3993 Norwich * Residence Inn by Marriott 800-572-3993 Mystic
Cove Ledge Motel 860-599-4130 Pawcatuck Rosemont Suites 860-889-2671 Norwich
* Days Inn 800-325-2525 Mystic Sandy Shore 401-596-5616 Misquamicut Beach
Days Inn 860-739-6921 Niantic Saybrook Point Inn, Marina & Spa 860-395-2000 Old Saybrook
Groton Inn & Suites 800-452-2191 Groton Seaport Motor Inn 860-536-2621 Mystic
* Holiday Inn 800-353-5734 New London SpringHill Suites by Marriott 800-572-3993 Waterford
Howard Johnson Inn 860-536-2654 Mystic Stardust Motel 860-599-2261 N. Stonington
Kiar Crest Resort & Inn 860-873-8649 Moodus Super 8 Motel 860-448-2818 Groton
Lamplighter Motel 860-442-7227 Waterford Taber Inn & Marina 860-536-4904 Mystic
Morgan Inn & Suites 800-280-0054 Groton Thames Inn & Marina 860-445-8111 Groton
* Mystic Hilton 860-572-0731 Mystic Water's Edge Resort 800-222-5901 Westbrook
New London Lodgings 860-442-0631 New London * Winnapaug Inn 800-288-9906 Westerly, RI

Bed & Breakfast
* Abby's Lantern Hill Inn 860-572-0483 Ledyard The Inn at Harbor Hill Marina 860-739-0331 Niantic
Angel's Watch Inn B&B 860-399-8846 Westbrook Queen Anne Inn 800-347-8818 New London
* Antiques & Accommodations 860-535-1736 N. Stonington Roseledge Farm B&B 860-892-4739 Preston
Captain Dibbell House 888-889-6882 Clinton * Stonecroft 860-572-0771 Ledyard
* Captain Grant's 860-887-7589 Preston Talcott House 860-399-5020 Westbrook
* Fitch-Claremont House 860-889-0260 Bozrah The Villa 800-722-9240 Westerly, RI
Hearthside Farm B&B 860-887-4260 Bozrah Westbrook Hill Inn B & B 800-356-9314 Westbrook
* High Acres Lodging 860-887-4355 N Stonington Whitehall Mansion 800-572-3993 Mystic


* Applewood Farms Inn 860-536-2022 Ledyard * The Old Mystic Inn 860-572-0771 Mystic
* Blueberry Inn 860-889-3618 Bozrah Old Lyme Inn 800-434-5352 Old Lyme
Griswold Inn & Restaurant 860-767-1776 Essex * Randall's Ordinary 860-599-4540 N Stonington
* Hill Top Inn 860-535-0500 N. Stonington Shelter Harbor Inn 800-468-8883 Westerly, RI
Inn at Chester 800-949-STAY Chester Steamboat Inn 860-536-8300 Mystic
Inn at Mystic 800-237-2415 Mystic * Tabor Inne 860-536-4904 Mystic
Lighthouse Inn 860-443-8411 New London Watch Hill Inn & Restaurant 800-356-9314 Watch Hill, RI
* The Mare's Inn 860-572-7556 Ledyard Whaler's Inn 800-243-2588 Mystic
* Norwich Inn & Spa 800-275-4772 Norwich

Aces High RV Park 860-739-8858 East Lyme Salem Farms Campground 800-479-9238 Salem
Acorn Acres Campground 860-859-1020 Bozrah Seaport Campground 860-536-4044 Old Mystic
Camp Niantic by the Atlantic 860-739-9308 Niantic Strawberry Park Resort Campground 888-794-7944 Preston
Highland Orchards Resort Park 860-599-5101 N Stonington Timber Creek RV Resort 401-322-1877 Westerly
Odetah Campground 800-448-1193 Bozrah Waters Edge Campground 800-826-6478 Lebanon

Foxwoods back parking lot, often has a convoy of RV's camped out